This is Cazren

Full-fledged Web & SEO Agency

Our Story

A full-fledged Web Development & SEO agency operating out of Abuja, Nigeria with a vision is to help brands, businesses and organizations stand out using web induced solutions and ideas.

Cazren provides a wide range of web-based and Search Engine Optimization services (Website development, custom web solutions, On-Page optimization, Off-Page optimization, Technical optimization, Local optimization and Speed optimization) to our clients – startups, businesses, organisations and corporations.
We’ve worked on some incredible projects with a diverse pool of both domestic & international clients.


Our singular goal is to help brands and business succeed by providing elegant, functional and optimised web based solutions that increases brand visibility and profit.


We approach every project on a case by case basis ensuring that we understand the requirements and develop appropriate result-oriented strategy. We ensure that our clients are in the loop during project execution.


Our duty is to our clients – to deliver optimum website design and SEO services that foster business & brand growth, visibility and profitability. Our services are guaranteed to improve your conversion rate.

The 3 C's

Our Values

In all our interaction with clients and project executions, our actions are influenced by 3 guiding principles:


Web development and Search Engine Optimization can be often wearisome and montonous. We make it easy. We handle your website development along with any other SEO services in your custom agreement. Set it and forget it, you are in good hands. We can’t wait to help grow your business and eliminate stress.


Standards and techniques in Website development are ever evolving, even more evolving are the algorithms that influence search engine optimization. We constantly adapt our practices to fit current industry standards, to ensure your business maintains a consistent level of presence and growth.


We are obsessed with profit-oriented results because we understand that businesses need to remain a going concern. All website and SEO projects we deploy are fine-tuned to deliver results and profit. All that we do for our clients is focused on growing their business. We eliminate stress, provide expertise and drive growth.

Proud to work with

Our Clients

Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more web projects, more optimizations and at least some more money. 😉
As a result we deliver a better experience for our clients.

Increase Visibility

Increase Profits

Give your brand and business the online presence and visibility it deserves and watch your sales grow, get better conversion rates, increase brand awareness and profit.