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Grow Your Business Even In Uncertain Times With A Sales & Customer Driven Website

Lot’s of businesses are shutdown and might stay shut which is sad to see. In the midst of these uncertainties, many business are not just surviving but thriving – acquiring new customers and making real profits.

We took a look at 171 businesses across 19 industries and sectors who are currently growing and making money during these pandemic and guess what all these business have in common?

They have an online presence that’s driving customer acquisition and retention. They are making more sales and profit because people can find them online.

In case you’re thinking social media presence is enough, think again. Do you really own this social media platforms?

What happens to your business if your account on Facebook or Instagram gets shutdown banned?

A website is the only real digital platform that belongs to you as a business person. If properly built, it will sell your business 24/7.

We can help you with that – a modern, attractive website for your business or company that consistently generates leads and sales.

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Build a Website That Grows Your Business

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A Website Should Combine Beautiful Design & Peak Performance

A truly growth-driven website doesn’t just look good, it acts as your best salesperson, builds trust with buyers, and is flexible to the changing needs of your business.

If your current website isn’t doing the above, you really need to pay attention to it and have it redesigned. Or perhaps, you don’t have a website for your business at all – now is the time to give your business the competitive advantage it needs to grow and increase sales by having a high converting website.

“Within three months of launching our new website with search engine optimization service, we started getting new customers who found us via Google. Cazren came in highly recommended and they’ve been consistent, but their delivery during this project exceeded my expectations.”

Olumide Aina
MD/CEO, Green Facilities Limited

Get A Website For Your Business That Will Deliver In A Big Way

We believe that in order for your website to be truly successful, you need to be in control. You’ll not only get a fully optimized website that will get you to your goals, but you’ll also be able to maintain and edit your pages with ease.


Past Website Projects By Cazren

Our Website Design Process Starts With Discovery & Strategy

Our first step is to understand your business objectives, develop a thorough understanding of the project so a proper approach and strategy can be formulated.

We formulate the right result-yielding strategy & design based on the requirements  and nature of the project to reflect the objectives of the client and business goals.

We Believe A Website Should Be A Business Asset


Every website design project we embark upon is approached from the standpoint that websites are business assets and so should work effectively, efficiently in generating awareness for the business, generating leads – people who are interested in what your business offers, as well as sales.

The website we will design for your business, will be:

1. Sales Driven
2. Customer Driven
3. Search Driven
4. Experience Driven
5. Conversion Driven

All of this will ensure that your website plays a significant role in helping your business grow and helping your business stay profitable.

Outrank Your Competition

With our deep, strategic knowledge of cutting-edge SEO best practices, your website won’t just be beautiful — it will get found.

Your site will be fully optimised for on-page SEO best practices and speed tested to make sure your site is in peak operating condition.

Being a Web Design & SEO Agency, we are your best bet when it comes to designing a website that is search friendly and optimised for visibility online.

Website and SEO Agency

Is a Website Design with Cazren right for you?

Our Website Design services are best suited for brands, businesses, corporate establishments and organisations as well as Public figures and NGOs.

Through the Requirements Analysis, Design & development process we will work with you to develop your website strategy, structure, and design. From there, our team will go on to implement this design using the best web frameworks and content management system (CMS) that best fits what your business needs.

This might not be for you:

❌  If you are not interested in growing your business or getting more sales

❌  If you are satisfied with your current state and don’t desire the growth of your business

❌ If you do not want to acquire more clients and customers or own the success of your website

Frequently Asked Questions

Your website is the most important marketing tool you have. It’s the hub of your digital sales and marketing strategy, and it’s the number one thing your prospects want to explore before making a purchase.

How much you pay for a website design service depends to a large extent on the features you require as well as the size and complexity of the project.

Let’s be honest, we know a ton of freelance web designers or even agencies who take donkey years to finish a website design. That’s why we start with a website blueprint – our goal is to ensure that from the get go we both set the right expectations.
Generally speaking, depending on the size and complexity of your website, you can expect between 1 and 3 months for your website redesign.
We know you’re about to spend a lot of money, so neither one of us wants us to fail.

During the stratgey process, your leadership team should be involved. During the website design process, your team should be available for meetings and consultations when we request for it. Review and approval timelines are critical to a website redesign process.
On all wireframes and page designs, we allow for a 3 business day turn around.

It’s safe to say that most — if not all — businesses want a website that brings them perfectly packaged, highly-qualified inbound leads. That is the most common goal we hear from our clients here at Cazren, and why so many marketers pour hours of time and thousands of dollars into their websites. So, how do we achieve this goal?

By developing a business website for you that is – SALES driven, CUSTOMER driven, SEARCH driven, EXPERIENCE driven and CONVERSION driven.

The chances that you know someone, or perhaps yourself, who has been swindled or disappointed by a freelancer regarding a website project is high.
When you work with an agency like Cazren, you get the added benefit of structure, timely delivery and excellent work. Working with Cazren guarantees that your website design project will meet your requirements, be executed to perfection and delivered on time.

What Do You Get From Our Website Design Service?

When you choose to have your business website developed by us, what you will be getting is a value packed service at very discounted prices.

Depending on your website design package, you will get the following: 

✔️ Free domain name for 1 year
✔️ Free web hosting for 1 year
✔️ Free SSL and site security
✔️ Multipaged web design layout
✔️ Mobile friendly and responsive design optimised for conversion
✔️ Custom business emails
✔️ Social media integration
✔️ Site submission to Google
✔️Site backup
✔️ Free website maintenance for 1 year (worth ₦107,500)
✔️ Technical SEO (worth ₦150,000)
✔️Optimisation of website contents for search engine visibility (worth ₦350,000)

How Much Does a Website Design Project Cost?

A full website redesign can be a complex process.

That’s why we have created 3 different packages with different features to cater to the peculiar needs of different businesses. We have also ensured that you will get a mobile responsive, functional and high converting website irrespective of the website package you choose. 

Our 3 website packages are:

– Website For SMEs
– Website For Corporates
– Online Store Ecommerce Websites

Build a Website That Grows Your Business

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