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Transform Your Business, Career or Agency With Our Digital Marketing Course That Helps You Acheive Your Goals

This Digital Marketing Course will show you time-tested techniques of how our students get outstanding results, grow their business, increase sales, start a successful career in digital marketing working with local and international organisations, multiplying their income by offering services such as website design, social media advertising, building online stores, generating leads…Join This Train Of Achievers. 

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What You Will Learn

What You Will Learn In This Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course

Principles Of Digital Marketing

Mastering digital marketing is a journey - let us be your guide. In this module, we give you a framework to help you organize and plan your approach. We will teach you in details:
- Principles of Digital Marketing
- The Psychology of Buying
- The Buyer’s Journey and Value Roadmap
- Sales Funnel and Conversion Optimization.

Social Media Management Course

Social Media & Content Management

In this course you’ll learn about the main social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn - how to manage your social media presence, and how to create effective content for each platform. You will learn:
- Social media growth hacking
- Content creation strategies
- Social media analytics
- Graphics design using Canva

Landing Page, Lead Generation and Email Marketing Course

Lead Generation and Email Marketing

Email Marketing, when carried out properly, is one of the most effective forms of Digital Marketing. In this module you’ll learn how to build high converting landing pages and generate leads of people who are interested in your brand, product or service.
- Building high converting landing pages
- Anatomy of a good landing page
- Email Writing and Design
- The Buyer’s Journey Alignment
- Subject Lines & Copy Essentials
- Avoiding Spam

Social Media Advertising

Social Media is a vital part of digital marketing and under this module, we will teach you how to run targeted adverts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn that will help generate leads and increase sales. You will learn:
- Target Audience Research
- The A - Z of Facebook & Instagram Ads
- Twitter Advertising
- LinkedIn Advertising
- Optimizing Social Media Campaigns
- Data Driven Campaigns & Retargeting

Google Advertising Course

Google Display, Search & YouTube Advertising

Pay-Per-Click campaigns using Google Ads, bid auctions, how to squeeze every drop of value out of paid search campaigns, the tracking of successful conversions, Google Analytics and more. Learn how to set up, manage analyse and optimise a channel worthy of much viewing. You will learn:
- Display Ads
- Audience Selection
- Keywords, Topics & Placements Targeting
- Search Ads

Website design and Optimisation Course

Website Design and Optimisation

What makes a winning website? This module gives you the skills to create a simple, well-designed, optimised WordPress site that not only looks good but also delivers for your business – goals and solutions stay lined up, nice and clear. You will learn:
- Web Design Principles
- Mobile-First Design
- Design, Development & Maintenance
- Speed & Image optimisation
- Web Analytics & Evaluation

Search Engine Optimization Course

Search Engine Optimisation

You must be found. Which means you must make yourself found. Search Engine Optimisation is all about getting on that first Google page, staying top of the list and top of mind. Learn the tricks of the trade such as keywords, what kind of content attracts, how to create more engagement and the magical art of conversion. You will learn:
- SEO Fundamentals
- Creating Comprehensive SEO Audits
- Technical Optimisation
- On-Page Optimization
- Off-Page Optimization
- Local Optimisation

Digital Marketing Strategy Course

Digital Marketing Strategy

We will show you how to create digital marketing strategies using tools and data insights to power your campaign and marketing efforts. From spying on your competitors, to using FOMO (fear of missing out) to drive sense of urgency, having a clear cut strategy ensures you’re not flying blind or carrying out uncoordinated efforts in your campaign. You will learn:
- Creating & Optimizing Your Funnel
- Spying On Your Competitor’s Funnel
- Competition Analysis - SEMRush & Ads Library