Grow Your Business and Make MORE Sales Using Facebook & Instagram Ads

100% practical and result-focused course created specifically for business owners like you. You also get a FREE business consultation upon course completion.

You will learn how to use online advertising to:
get more customers consistently,
make more sales and
grow your business
using Facebook & Instagram ads even if you’re not tech-savvy.


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Are you a business owner and you're frustrated by low sales even after running ads online?


As a business owner, you know you have an awesome product. In fact, you’re so sure of the quality of what you are offering that you expect the product to sell itself.

You expect sales to pour in like rain once people notice how great your product is but sadly nothing is happening – only drips of sales here and there.

But nobody is rushing your product as they should. Maybe you even had to give a discount for those sales to happen.

“Why is this happening to me?” You ask yourself. So you decide to do something about it.

You went on Facebook and Instagram, you ran ads and people start clicking the ads but no sales. Sometimes, they don’t even click but something is constant – you keep sinking money into advertising with no return on investment.

It’s so frustrating because you know your products are good – if only people would just buy and see how great they are.

To make things worse, other businesses are not finding it difficult to make sales online. In fact, they’re killing it – people are rushing them. You can see the “how much is it?” comments on their posts.

You’ve tried everything, maybe you’ve even hired someone to run the ads for you, yet no sales, no difference only more flushed down the advertising toilet.

Guess what? Today is your lucky day! Pay attention as I am about to share with you a secret that can turn around your business fortunes in 30 days!

There are two simple reasons why you’re not getting sales in your business when you advertise:

I have a course that shows you exactly how to fix the two problems above but first, answer this question for me. 👇🏽

What does increased sales and profit mean to you as a business owner?

Imagine you’re able to put behind you your advertising problems, imagine the number of sales that would come into your business and what that revenue and profit will do for your business.

Imagine the personal and business problems you can solve with extra cash in your account because your ads are bringing in consistent sales and customers.

With over 9 years of experience in digital marketing and business growth consulting, I have helped 100’s of business owners solve this same problem you’re having.

I have created a course that cuts through all the stories and shows you exactly how to grow your business, target the right people for your advertising and make more sales using Facebook and Instagram ads.

If you’re satisfied with the mediocre results you’re getting, then you carry on.

If you’re ready to move your business forward, if you’re ready to make more sales then this course is for you. READ ON.


Facebook Ads For Business Owners Course

Facebook Ads For Business Owners

There are so many online courses out there, but very few are created specifically for business owners. This online course was created specifically for you, the business owner, and with you in mind.

By the time you’re done taking this course, you will be able to run ads that bring in consistent sales to your business. You won’t have any problem figuring out who your ideal customer is and how to reach out to them.

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 30% discount!

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Here's What You Get When You Register


Once you enrol for the course, an account will be instantly created for you on our online learning platform. An email will also be sent to you with your details in it.


You will have immediate access to all the lessons in the course, including the quizzes and course project to ensure you're practicing what you're learning.


You will also have access to templates, worksheets and resources you can download that will help your learning and business. You also get the opportunity to ask Question


You're expected to finish the course with 1 month of your enrollment. This is what qualifies you for the FREE business consultation where strategies about your business will be discussed.

Access to all lessons in the course

You will be given access to commence your learning immediately using the practical video lessons in the course and our device responsive platform.

Realtime access to a coach

A coach will be available to you to answer your questions, provide answers and clarifications and help you get unstuck throughout your learning period.

Question & Answer Sessions

You will have access to join your fellow business owners and students to ask any question related to your learning and digital marketing and get answers 4 times a week.

FREE Business Consultation

To ensure you get results and grow your business, you'll get a business consultation worth ₦20,000 for FREE provided you upon your finish the course within 1 month.

Copywriting Template

Using our copywriting templates, you'll learn how to write persuasive ad copies and speak the language your customers can't resist.

Customer Avatar Templates

We will help you better understand who your ideal customer is - their problems, pain points, their desired solution using our customer avatar templates.

Here's what people are saying about this course

I became a millionaire overnight, thanks to your training. All that you taught me worked so well. It feels like I never ran ads before, thanks for taking your time to teach and explain in details to me. I am really cashing out.

I called two days ago to appreciate your good work but I still need to do this again because the world must hear. If you haven’t taken this training, you are on a long thing. Thank you so much, sir.

Don’t be surprised when I start shouting your name everywhere.
Remilekun Fafore
CEO, GreenWood Spaces

This is what you will learn in this course

There are a total of 9 core lessons, 3 bonus lessons and several worksheets that will make your learning practical and result-focused.

Lesson 1:

How to create Business Manager Accounts on Facebook

The foundation for good advertising begins with creating the proper structures for your ad account. This lesson shows you exactly how to do that.

Lesson 2:

Identifying & Creating Your Target Audience

In this lesson, you will learn to how to target the right people interested in your business and the different kinds of audiences you can create on Facebook to increase your ad performance. 

Lesson 3:

Analysing Your Audience using Audience Insights

You will learn how to use this powerful Facebook tool to determine which version of your audience will be more interested in your product, service or business.

Lesson 4:

How to Spy on Your Competitors on Facebook

Competition analysis is key to successful advertising. You will learn how to see what’s working on the other side of the fence and to apply the lessons learnt to your own business.

Lesson 5:

Choosing The Right Campaign Objective

Knowing which campaign objective to choose can be the difference between a successful ad and a wasteful one.
In this lesson, you will be taught how to choose the right ones.

Lesson 6:

Budget, Placement & Delivery Optimization

Nobody likes to waste money so budgeting is important. In this lesson, you’ll how to budget properly, choose the right placement for optimal campaign performance.

Lesson 7:

Executing Your Facebook & Instagram Ad

All of lessons 1-6 leads to this point – executing your advert and hitting the publish button. You will learn how to run ads the proper way from Facebook to Instagram

Lesson 8:

Facebook Ads Policy

Understanding Facebook Ad Policy is crucial to using the platform assuredly. To avoid being banned and kicked out of advertising, you will learn what to and what not to do so, best practices to escape being locked out. 

Lesson 9:

Analysing Your Campaigns

Being able to run ads is a good skill, being able to analyze ads is a more important skill. In this lesson, you will learn how to analyse your ad performance and what to what out for so as to improve results.

You also get more BONUS lessons and materials!

You won’t get a package like this anywhere else at our unbeatable price.
In addition to the nine (9) highly practical lessons you get access to, you also get three (3) bonus lessons that will improve your understanding of how to advertise better and get more return on ad spend.

Bonus 1

Improving Campaign Performance With A/B Split Testing

Imagine you have two products to advertise but you have a limited budget, how do you know definitively which one your audience would buy the most? By running a split test ad.

In this bonus lesson, you will learn how to create experimental adverts and improve performance using A/B split testing.

Bonus 2

Creating and Installing Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a tracking code that feeds Facebook with more information about customer behaviour on your website and this can greatly improve your advert performances. With a Facebook Pixel, you can create a custom audience, lookalike audiences and get more people to buy from you.

You will learn how to create and install a Facebook Pixel in this lesson.

Bonus 3

Using Custom and Lookalike Audiences for Retargeting & Conversion Ads

The best adverts that bring sales are conversion ads that use custom and lookalike audiences.

In this bonus lesson, you will learn how to create a conversion ad that focuses on generating more sales for your business using advanced but simple to understand techniques like retargeting custom and lookalike audiences.

Akinsanya Joseph

About the Instructor

Joseph Akinsanya

As a Digital Marketing Executive and Business Growth Coach, he helps business owners and brands acquire, grow and scale their business customer acquisition and profits using his years of experience in digital marketing and IT.

As a digital marketing coach, he trains both individuals and corporate entities on the tenets and techniques of digital marketing – 

  • sales funnel development
  • conversion rate optimization
  • strategy development and assessment
  • lead generation, landing page design, email marketing
  • online advertising – social media and Google ads
  • website development
  • as well as SEO, content writing and affiliate marketing.

In this course, he shares insightful tips and strategies that has worked over and over and they are guaranteed to bring you results. 

Here's what people are saying about the Instructor

Trust me when I say there's no better person to learn digital marketing and facebook ads from than Coach Joseph. He has a way of breaking things down to ensure you not only get understand but also get results.
Toheeb Olatoyinbo
MD/CEO, Imperium Solutions
Coach Joseph is a genius when it comes to advertising and strategies that bring result.
Gloria Agaba
CEO, Haloglow
Joseph Akinsanya is a teacher and a coach. His passion for sharing and impacting knowledge makes him a better trainer. He is patient and ALWAYS ensure every student gets 100% in the knowledge he is impacting. I recommed him all day, everyday.
Olufunke Dosunmi-Olawale
Social Media Manager & Life Coach

Facebook Ads For Business Owners Course

Original Price: ₦75,000
50,000 discount price
  • Access to all lessons in the course
  • Access to bonus lessons in the course
  • Realtime access to a coach when you need help
  • Access to Question & Answer sessions
  • Access to customer avatar templates
  • Access to copywriting templates
  • FREE Business Consultation*

Do you have Questions? Answers are waiting. Call 📞 +234 7064866900

Course Enrollment closes tomorrow October 2, 2023

Register now so you don’t lose your slot.

satisfaction guaranteed

You Either Get Results Or You Get Your Money Back

We are so confident in the value of the course we are offering you that we are willing to give you your money back if you don’t get any kind of result after taking the course.

This is our promise to you:

If after taking all the lessons in the module, both core and bonus lessons, used the customer avatar and copywriting templates, utilised the support sessions available to you, participated in the Question and Answer sessions, taken part in the FREE Business consultation and still got no form of result whatsoever, you’ll get a refund with no questions asked.

Do you have Questions? Answers are waiting. Call 📞 +234 7064866900

Some questions we get asked a lot

Its a self-paced course meaning you can take the lessons at your convenience. 

However, it you want to get the best out of this course including our FREE consultation session for business owners, you are required to finish the course in under 1 month.

If your payment is online, an account is automatically created for you using the username and password you choose during checkout. You will login to the online course platform and have immediate access to start learning.

If you paid via bank transfer, send a mail to this address indicating you’ve paid and attach a proof of payment. Your payment will be verified, your account created  and login details sent to you so you can start learning immediately. This is done in under 1hour of payment verification.

Results  are the by-product of the amount of effort you put in and how intentional you are about getting your desired result.

We will support you and provide you with all the necessary ingredients from our end. BUT ultimately, it depends on you.

Some of our students have seen results in a week, some even less. But there’s magic to it, you have to be intentional.

Whether your business is about product sales or services, your potential customers are online and looking to patronise you.
If properly applied, the lessons and strategy in this course will work for any business that needs customers.

This training is created specifically to help business owners get result unlike the other trainings and courses that are general in nature.

This course cuts straight to the point, no stories, no boring lectures, it’s all practical steps and strategies.
This is why this course is all you’ll need to start getting more sales and growing your business using Facebook and Instagram advertising.

NO. As long as you can use the browser on your computer, right-click and left-click, access Facebook, then you’re good to go.

Don't miss this offer!

Facebook Ads For Business Owners Course

Original Price: ₦75,000
50,000 discount price
  • Access to all lessons in the course
  • Access to bonus lessons in the course
  • Realtime access to a coach when you need help
  • Access to Question & Answer sessions
  • Access to customer avatar templates
  • Access to copywriting templates
  • FREE Business Consultation*

Do you have Questions? Answers are waiting.
Call 📞 +234 7064866900

My Message To You

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve gone through this page and you’re very much interested in the course.

You have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO LOSE by taking this course – it’s either you get results or you get your money back. The only way you lose is by not taking action.

This course was created for business owners like you. To help solve the frustration around advertising and to help you get the results you seek.

I look forward to seeing you inside.

Akinsanya Joseph on Macbook
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